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(Don’t) Fuck the Police.

According to the Guardian: "Mark Kennedy had sexual relationships with several women while serving as an undercover policeman and infiltrating a ring of environmental activists"

From the Guardian; emphases mine:

Undercover police officers routinely adopted a tactic of “promiscuity” with the blessing of senior commanders, according to a former agent who worked in a secretive unit of the Metropolitan police for four years.

The former undercover policeman claims that sexual relationships with activists were sanctioned for both men and women officers infiltrating anarchist, leftwing and environmental groups.

Sex was a tool to help officers blend in, the officer claimed, and was widely used as a technique to glean intelligence. His comments contradict claims last week from the Association of Chief Police Officers that operatives were absolutely forbidden to sleep with activists. Continue reading


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“free market” follies

A cross-post from the discussion group:

Anarcho-capitalists are often caught in a contradiction – in one breath, they define “capitalism” as an unhampered free market, arguing that the economic system we have isn’t capitalism.

..but in the next breath, they’ll engage in apologetics for features of our current economic system as though they’re defending transactions that take place in a free market – “But the tenant signed a contract!”, “But the disabled single mom voluntarily chooses to work at Wal-Mart!”, and so on. Continue reading

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