Red Triangle Technology Collective

Via GonzoTimes; emphases mine:

The Red Triangle Technology Collective has officially begun operating today, moving towards implementing phase 1 of the plan!  We’re currently focusing on getting our websites designed and implemented, getting a logo, and fundraising to be able to implement phase 1. We announced several weeks ago our intent to launch right here at Gonzo Times, and outlined some core principles and goals.  With the formal plan, released yesterday, we’ve refined these ideas and made public our tentative budget for phases 1, 2, and 3.


The purpose of the Red Triangle Technology Collective is to provide a no-cost hosting solution for radical projects and websites. This will enable people who are not able to afford a commercial provider to begin developing their ideas on the web. It will create opportunities to grow radical ideas, projects, and communities without reliance on an individual’s or collective’s ability to foot a bill, and for those collectives which do have financial resources, it will enable them to, when necessary, focus those resources towards achieving their core goals rather than to peripheral costs such as web hosting.

The radical hosting co-op project will be worker-managed, with workers democratically (via consensus when feasible and possible, and via voting when not) making the majority of non-technical decisions regarding the management of the co-op. This includes things like projects to provide services for, criteria for services, memberships in the co-op, and potential future expansions into new areas. Technical decisions will be made by the engineering team on a consensus basis.

In order to make this plan easier to read, we’ve divided the plan into 3 phases. Upon reaching phase 3, we become essentially modular, enabling us to dynamically upgrade to meet our needs. Phase 3 entails our own rack space and bandwidth where servers which we own will be located. This is easily upgradeable to meet future demands well into the next decade.

The collective’s core principles are described in further detail here, in the initial announcement.

Our three-phase plan for the project can be viewed here, in PDF form using our FTP service.

I’m excited to be part of this project, and several parts of the plan (e.g. purchasing our domain names, setting up an FTP service to exchange files) have already been taken care of. However, we need more community involvement before we can move forward. At this point, our biggest hill to climb is the fundraising. If you support the project and would like to donate, you can do so via PayPal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(You can also contact us here, on facebook)


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  1. From the RTTC facebook page:

    “What is the Red Triangle Technology Collective? More than anything else, it’s a means by which we can become independent from corporate and state-controlled communications mediums. From Facebook to Google, Verisign to Yahoo, relying on entities which are sympathetic to the ruling class for our entire network is a strategy for fail.

    We need our own solutions – by us, for us, with our needs and principles in heart and mind. That’s what RTTC is.”

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