All we ‘have to do is fuck’?

Gee, someone should’ve told me this back when I was jobless & hungry. According to this, if I’d only had a baby, it would’ve yielded benefits such as fast food meals, liquor binges, & manicures!

Nope, I wouldn’t have simply had the baby taken from me by CPS (which is what usually happens to homeless moms) at all.

Poverty’s always the most amusing to people who don’t have to experience it.

Especially when said person is an economically-privileged kid who graduated from the same suburban high school as several other famous people; and especially when she was lucky enough to attend CalTech afterward.

Most galling is that this woman knows fuck-all about the group of people she’s making fun of. The only form of welfare that can potentially be used as regular money is cash assistance, which is a paltry sum – in California (Chapter’s home state), a single mom with two kids is realistically looking at getting less than $700 per month in cash assistance. Of course, this aid is cut off if her household income exceeds the whopping sum of $1100 per month, which is just enough for the family to barely scrape by – because people in power have no reason to care about poor people, the US welfare system often functions as a carrot dangled in the faces of poor people & cruelly yanked away when they reach forward to grab it.

I could live pretty comfortably on that amount of money; but for someone with children and other obligations (clothing for growing kids, car-related expenses,large utility bills, medical bills, etc.) that often accompany parenting, not so much.

Whenever I say these things to people, they inevitably respond with, “Hey, *I* know this one lazy woman with 8 kids who uses her cash assistance to buy weed and McDonalds and malt liquor and and and…”

Even if they *do* know such a woman, I don’t care. Social welfare programs are a teeny-tiny slice of government spending; and at the end of the day, moms using their cash assistance at beauty supply stores aren’t hurting me or anyone else by doing so. If these people who’re clutching their pearls over ‘tax-payers’ dollars’ want something to get pissed about, they might as well spend more time attacking the endless wars & corporate ‘welfare queens’ that make up a much larger chunk of the budget & do real, systemic violence to millions of people. Interestingly, though, they never seem to.


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