It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…

the most pointless superhero ever?

To be clear, it’s the delivery I’m objecting to here, not the message – circumcision is a medically unjustifiable procedure most often performed solely to satisfy the parents’ aesthetic or religious preferences. It’s not something to which I’d ever subject my sweet little (hypothetical) baby, and I wish more parents would follow suit.

That aside, the comic is just fucking weird – using artistic media to protest circumcision is great; it’s the idea of a superhero whose existence revolves around babies’ crotches that I find lol-worthy.

I initially kept my mind open upon hearing about it, thinking that the comic was more tongue-in-cheek than cheesy, overwrought melodrama. I thought wrong.:

Yeah. And then there’s the evil, scalpel-wielding Jew who -for some inexplicable reason- has dragon claws and a serious case of crazy-eye.:

Mohel's devious, foreskin-slicing plans being thwarted by the very Aryan-looking Foreskin Man.

Apparently, this is all available for purchase and delivery to your home. Y’know, just so you know. In case you ever want to read a comic about a weewee-saving superhero featuring gun-toting Hasidim and newborn babies with a mouthful of teeth.


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